September 11, 2019

Our Three-Step Guide to Building The Perfect Fashion Website

How can you create a website that helps your fashion business thrive? Here are a few tips to keep in mind

Our Three-Step Guide to Building The Perfect Fashion Website
Those who work in fashion can often tell you everything there is to know about trends, fabrics, and even well-known people in the industry.

If you ask the very same people about website design, however, your question will most likely be met with an awkward pause. Regardless of how in-demand a fashion brand’s clothing items are, it’s easy to miss out on sales because of a number of other mistakes. Smaller brands have to worry about fast-fashion retailers that steal designs, established designers that are hard to go against, and even weak brand authority.

Wait—let’s take a moment to focus on that final point (that you probably have a few questions about): weak brand authority. Today, the online world is the domain on which brands make a name for themselves. Some fashion entrepreneurs are still under the impression that an online presence isn’t that important for running a successful fashion brand, but the truth is that it’s a difference-maker that can boost your sales and drive brand recognition. There are hundreds of thousands of fashion businesses that have their own way of catering to a customer’s desire to look stylish—a truth that justifies the fact that you’ll need to play to your strengths.

With social media, you can expect to see your fashion business rise above your competitors, especially when your designs stand out in the eyes of your customers. There is a whole array of different platforms that you can work with, but the best platform you can go with as a fashion business is a website.

Effective website building tips

How can you create a website that helps your fashion business thrive? Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you put a one-stop web portal together for your customers to enjoy:

1. Choose the right web developer to work with

Just like a great selection of clothing products for your business, having an attractive, functional, and high-quality website can impact the way the word about your brand goes around. The greatest way to ensure that your website looks, feels, and performs well is to hire the right web developer for the job.

Seek one who has experience building websites for fashion brands. A great way to source out web development talent for your fashion business is to consult with different established web design firms. They are most likely to have copious amounts of experience in the industry and a list of extremely satisfied clientele.

2. Narrow down your options with the help of portfolios

One thing that both the fashion and web development industries have in common is the presence of portfolios. If fashion businesses and designers have lookbooks, then web designers have portfolios that can convince clients and businesses about the quality of work that they can expect. With lots of options to choose from in terms of web developer on the market, one of the easiest ways to streamline the process is to look at the portfolio of different service providers.

3. Go for fashion blog-style website content

Aside from planning for the website’s inner workings, appearance, back-end, and front-end, one important part to watch out for is the content that ties your website together. There are different ways fashion businesses can make the most out of their websites, but no format works better to attract customers than fashion blogs.

Fashion blogs are a type of content that well-known fashion brands around use to engage with and provide value to customers. Most consumers are out and about on the internet looking for new information. When inserting a blog portion into your website, you may want to look into hiring the services of a professional blog writer or ghostwriter.

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