Facebook Analytics: 5 Must-Track Metrics

SOCIAL MEDIA Apr 16, 2019

Now it’s time to take a closer look at Facebook analytics, including five must-track metrics.


Fans, fans, and more fans. There is nothing more important than this, right? While there are other metrics to track, this one definitely deserves your attention.

In short, this is the cumulative number of people that like your page. Breaking this down, pay close attention to your daily, weekly, and monthly growth.


Posting content to Facebook is a good thing. Having this content shared by others is powerful.

You should track the shares of content on your page by day, week, and month. Just the same as fans, you want to experience positive growth. And shares are more powerful than likes since the content someone is sharing is actually displayed on their page.


Much the same as shares, this is an “engagement” metric. It shows that people are doing more than reading your content. They are also commenting, giving you valuable feedback that can help you generate a more targeted Facebook marketing strategy.


Likes have been driving the Facebook engine since day one. In the same mold as shares and comments, likes show that your audience is interested in what you’re saying.

A steady increase in likes shows that your audience is growing and your content is “sticking.”


Facebook marketing success is all about activity. You want to reach as wide an audience as possible. Furthermore, you want to track your reach (also referred to as impressions). With this metric, you can track the number of people who could have seen any activity on your page, such as: posts by the page, posts by other people, page links, mentions (and more).

Final Word

With more than 2.23 billion daily active users, Facebook provides the opportunity to reach a humongous audience. You should have three goals in mind:

  • Reach as many people as possible.
  • Experience positive growth.
  • Track the appropriate metrics to pinpoint your successes, failures, and potential strategy changes.

Leah Gibbs - Social + Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Associate CPM - AMAMI Australian Marketing Institute - Serving Clients Worldwide www.yourdigitalagency.com.au