9 Qualities of the Good Domain Name for Your Blog


You think you have some expertise in a specific niche. You want to start a blog so that you can get your name out there, offer your services to people who need it and make some money as well. But the first stumbling block (after you have really made up your mind to start a blog) is to choose a name the suits your blog best. So, how do you choose the best domain name?

Got any ideas?

Given below are some the most important qualities of a great blog domain name. Use them as tips to pick the best for yours.


While choosing a blog name, the first thing that you've got to focus on is relevance. Any domain name that you choose for your blog should be relevant to the niche you are going to cover or that you have expertise in.


The blog name also needs to contain the least number of words. This is because a short name is easy to memorise. If you want your visitors to launch a word of mouth campaign in your blog's favour, you must keep the domain name short. On the other hand, search engines like Google support short domain names more.


Can people understand what your blog is about by only looking at your blog's link in places like search engines, directories or on other sites? A good blog domain name should quickly give people an idea about what it contains.


When you plan to make money from your blog and attract traffic from search engines as well, you should never miss out on keywords. It's a good idea to combine your main keyword with another interesting word to come up with a great blog name. In any case, limit yourself to just one or two keywords, no more.

Easy to Say

Don't choose those words that are hard to say. A good domain name is not just short, but it's also easy to spell. Domain names that people can easily spell will be passed along easily and quickly.


Using hyphens between words in a domain name also makes it unnecessary longer and hard to locate because people can easily miss the hyphen. Non-hyphenated blog domain names look smooth and punchy. Domains without hyphens are also good from the SEO point of view.


Initially, any domain name that is short, sounds good and looks good might seem to be the best option. But you also need to think in terms of growing popularity. Will the domain name that you have chosen now look professional down the line? If it doesn't, you may face discrepancies in future.


Also avoid choosing names that might restrict you to include other topics to your blog in future. You never know what course your business may take in future. What if you needed to expand your area of work a little? Blog domain names that are expandable won't confine you in future.


Your self-hosted is best on a TLD (top level domain name). Domain names with .com at the end are easy to locate, as internet users usually assume .com when searching or browsing the web. But there's one more thing to point out in terms of availability. Social media has to play an important role when you want to grow a blog. That's why, it's important to make sure that your chosen blog name is available (as username) on popular social media sites as well.


While trying to pick the best domain name for your blog, you'll need to brainstorm a lot. So, it's a good idea to keep a running list of all the blog names that come to your mind. You'll need to review the list over and over again as your keep narrowing it down. Don't hesitate to get an outside opinion. It can be of great help too.


Leah Gibbs - Social + Digital Marketing Agency Owner

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