5 Trending Web Design Elements


Being attentive towards web design trends is essential for anyone who has an online presence. Remember, first impressions count, so it is important that your visitors land on a website with a functional, attractive design so that that they’ll enjoy using it.

If your site is complicated, unprofessional or outdated, then users are more likely to close the tab and search another one.

Take a look at these 5 web design elements you must be using to make your website look professional!

Custom Visual Content

There are many places to track down stock photos online, but you will get much better results while featuring your own customised visual content, like your own photography and custom illustrations. These will reflect your brand in a better manner and fit the theme of your website more than another image.


You don’t have to stick to your old fonts. You can have fun with typography and that can be an exciting part of your web design. This can also help you to draw the user’s attention to the message which you wish to get across. Either you can use typography for your logo or tagline and even for the bulk text of your website. Also, introducing new fonts is a simple way to add variety to your site.


Animation is now becoming a popular trend and is frequently used on social media pages and brand websites. If traditional photography or imagery is not suitable for your brand theme, then go for an animation which could be a perfect alternative for photos. Remember that almost everything can be turned into an animation, so now is your chance to get creative and let your innovation reflect on your website.

Asymmetric Layouts

Until recent times, a number of designers used to prefer a rigid, perfectly symmetrical grid layout. But now, the times are changing. You can take a more casual and playful approach and include some fun asymmetric web layout, which are full of unexpected elements. This will help your web design to certainly stand out and enable the designer to be creative with its look and make it unique.

Dynamic Effects

Small dynamic effects are gaining popularity within the website owners as they give a fun touch to the website without being too loud of the design.
Web designers are now choosing the effects such as sliding, bouncing, shaking or other moving elements.

These effects are fairly easy to add to any web design and are therefore an ideal way to enhance your user experience without adding too much onto your budget.

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Leah Gibbs - Social + Digital Marketing Agency Owner

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