September 11, 2019

4 Tips to Follow When Managing Your Business on Social Media

Social media: an entirely different world from the one we physically live in, where people can freely express themselves and be who they are without any laws

4 Tips to Follow When Managing Your Business on Social Media
Social media: an entirely different world from the one we physically live in, where people can freely express themselves and be who they are without any laws trying to hamper their efforts.

When you look at it from an interactive standpoint, you’ll find that social media is quite interesting in terms of how people represent themselves, specifically in regards to how they act, what they say, and what they’re interested in.

With billions of people on social media, the idea of the digital platform becoming a new planet or continent in its entirety is an idea that isn’t too far fetched.

Compared to the earlier expectations of social media population numbers, amassing billions of users online is far from what was expected of different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram — an unexpected development that has caught the attention of millions of brands, companies, and service providers.

The advantage of taking your business to social media

Although most objected at first, businesses use social media to maximise their profit potential and their audience impact to improve business growth, which in turn has made taking a business online non-negotiable when trying to thrive and survive in the digital age.

With a large number of consumers with cash at the ready just surfing around online for the majority of the day, businesses need to take the extra steps to ensure that their voice can reach potential customers on the web.

Rather than go for the standard “buy now” approach and other traditional business tactics, businesses and corporations have given their image a boost by carrying out their brand identity through social media in a way that makes their image look like a person that consumers can relate to.

By using captivating brand identities, using the right tonalities, and opening themselves up for consumer interaction, businesses that have social media-driven marketing strategies are enjoying and will continue to enjoy a boost that will allow them to reach their goals much faster.

What you need to know about running your business online

While the concept of freedom runs rampant in terms of how people use social media, it doesn’t go the same way for businesses. Compared to an individual social media user, businesses on social media are held to a higher standard and are more vulnerable to relentless scrutiny if they make a mistake.

Getting things done the wrong way on social media can result in negative publicity that can harm your business’ sales, its image, and its standing compared to the other competitors. Business’ online are working even harder to ensure that they don’t cross any lines on social media because taking one step too far can make the difference between a business doing well or being prepared to fail.

When trying to run a business on social media, it’s also important to note that your own profile and that of your employees and other people in the organization can also severely affect the way things will go in the future.

Having an employee post something bigoted or allowing a high-level executive to post something sensitive (see: Elon Musk) can cause sales to drop and stock prices to go down. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to have everything under control on social media when running a business.

4 tips you’ll have to follow when managing your business on social media

In order to avoid having your business end up on the wrong side of things on social media, here are a few things you need to do and watch out for when trying to establish a strong brand online:

1. Strike a balance in your online presence

Here’s the thing about thriving as a business on social media: if you don’t use social media, clients and customers will think that you’re no longer operational. Many of them will forget you and move on to other providers of the same products and services. If you’re using it too much, on the other hand, your audience will think that you’ve thrown professionalism out the window entirely.

When trying to run your business on social media, it’s important to note that you should have a complete and accurate profile. Make sure that you limit your posting to around 1-2 times a day (unless you’re an information source or a news outlet) and stay responsive in your page’s inbox as well.

2. Don’t get involved in the wrong conversations

No client or customer would want to get anything from a business that engages in conversations that they shouldn’t be involved in. This is a fact, and definitely a non-negotiable when doing business on social media. Discussing personal issues (such as politics, sex, drugs and alcohol, anything bigoted, or anything violent) can point your prospective customers towards the other direction and strip you of any opportunities for deals to be made.

3. Avoid sharing the wrong content

Memes: they can crack up a laugh every time they pop up on your feed, are definitely share-worthy, and remind you of fond memories — but do they really even belong on your business page to begin with? Sharing content that isn’t in your niche and putting out nonsensical posts can harm your social media standing as a business, so it’s best to steer clear of anything that isn’t related to your products or services. Stick to what helps your business present itself as credible in the eyes of consumers.

4. Create valuable content

This is one of the most underutilised, yet effective tips that you can follow when trying to run your business on social media, especially because quality content can help you stand out in the best way possible. When forming your business’s identity online, you’ll want to consider creating a social media plan for what you’re going to post, when you’ll have to post it, and how much you’ll have to share it.

Truth be told, posting valuable content on social media will help with your goals online. It can definitely amp up the sales rates that you’ll be making through your sales funnel. If you’re unsure of how you could go about with this step, it’s best to contact a digital marketing agency to take care of how you’ll be putting valuable content out on social media.

If you’re looking for help with your social media management, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!