September 5, 2019

11 Online Digital Marketing Trends You Should Keep in Mind

Make the most of your marketing efforts, you should integrate mobile, social, and online marketing

11 Online Digital Marketing Trends You Should Keep in Mind

In the new world of digital marketing, new emerging web trends emerging are commonplace.

These new techniques can play a huge role in how you interact with consumers. To enhance marketing efforts, you need to keep up.

While it is challenging to predict the most effective marketing methods, you have to pay attention to patterns in your customer's purchase behaviour.

Here are some of the important emerging trends you should keep an eye on.

Integrate Different Kinds of Marketing

If you want to make the most of your marketing efforts, you should integrate mobile, social, and online marketing. Although dabbling in one of these media may bring impressive results, you will only realise your full potential by tapping all three fields. This increases exposure increases efficiency, which contributes positively to your marketing campaigns.

Tap Micro-Influencers

Today, brands acknowledge the reach and power of influencers. Fielding powerful influencers and celebrities is relatively easy yet costly. When choosing your promotional team, do not pay attention to only numbers; take a look at a person's engagement rates as well.

Alternatively, you could focus on low-following influencers for your campaigns. Not only do micro-influencers provide great content, but their followers can also relate to them since they are still considered "regular" people. This market allows you to reduce costs because micro-influencers charge significantly less than mid- to high-profile influencers.

Keep Your Marketing Funnel Concise

Many companies see everyone as their consumers. For an effective marketing strategy, know the demographics and persona of your buyers. This allows you to target your niche audience rather than continue with a large funnel designed for everyone.

Releasing targeted ads to potential customers is more cost efficient. Consumers want to experience a genuine relationship with a brand they trust. So, speaking directly to targeted consumers is more effective in developing trust and stronger relationships with your followers.

Content Is Key

Quality content must be your priority when developing promotional materials. Since you know what your audience wants, use your content to excite them, and provoke their buying behaviour.

You should not simply aspire to deliver content and hope for engagement; instead, you should encourage them to share your content and encourage dialogue. Whether you want to focus on photos, videos, or articles, make sure to inspire two-way communication to let your customers know that you value their input.

Focus on Gen Z

Generation Z is getting older. In just a few years, they will represent one of the biggest markets. The second youngest generation loves authentic content. They also lean more towards businesses that are ethically conscious since they want companies that make the world better. Position your brand in a way that appeals to these principles.

Consumers Are Marketers

Traditionally, brands supply content to their audiences. Now, this one-way flow is no longer as restrictive. Effective word-of-mouth marketing allows customers to be advocates for your brand. Provide your customers with opportunities to become brand advocates.

Reconsider Chatbots

Customer service is everything. However, not everyone is willing to talk to customer service providers on the phone or through e-mail. To help save time and become more efficient, go with chatbots, which are artificial intelligent (AI) assistants that can answer your customer's questions. By 2025, the chatbot market will amount to 1.2 billion, which shows how valuable chatbots are to businesses today.

Turn to AI

AI will continue to become increasingly important in business. Artificial intelligence makes data management and analysis more efficient. It can also perform challenging tasks that humans have a hard time doing.

Optimise for Voice Searches

Thanks to Siri, Cortana and Alexa, brands are paying more attention to voice commerce optimisation. In the USA alone, voice-based commerce sales are skyrocketing and is projected to reach $40 billion by 2022. So, you should start optimising your content for this.

Voice searching is an amazing technological development. Not only does it lessen screen time, but it also makes it easier to find relevant information without the hassle of pulling out a smartphone or device.

Vertical Videos

The importance of video content and its incredible return on investment is well documented. However, you cannot simply upload any video; you need a strategy.

Each day, people watch countless videos on YouTube, Instagram Twitter, Facebook, and other popular platforms. However, people do not like turning their smartphones to the side just to watch videos. In response, you need to publish vertical videos.

Aside from publishing videos on your social media platforms, you should also not forget the importance of live videos. This form of digital marketing, when combined with other strategies such as influencer marketing, will encourage customers to interact more with your brand because of its spontaneity and personality.

Personalised Email

People mainly use their email for academic, legal, commercial, and personal purposes. This is why it remains as one of the best channels for communication. To succeed in email marketing, you have to combine automation and personalisation.

Don't Be Afraid of Change

Marketing has come a long way from what it once was a decade ago. Recent trends should not be ignored since they signal what consumers want. Developing brand awareness and interacting with your audience are important in business today.

With the tips listed above, you can improve your performance and stay ahead of the game.

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