11 of the Latest Social Media Marketing Trends to Try


Try the latest social media marketing trends to gain new followers and grow your audience and brand. Here are 3 tips to implement on social media channels

The average person spends approximately two hours a day on social media sites. Not only do they browse and read posts from friends, but they also interact with brands from all over the globe.

There’s no question that social media offers an exceptionally effective way to build brand awareness, generate new traffic, and more. However, this is only possible if the right strategy and tactics are used.

Just like anything else in the marketing world, what works on social media is constantly evolving. Remaining aware of the latest social media marketing trends is challenging, but the information here is designed to give all business owners a heads up regarding what works today.

1. The Rise of Private Groups

In 2018 Facebook launched “Facebook Groups.” This allowed users to participate as a business page, update with Stories, post Live videos in the group, and create social learning units.

The goal of Groups was to help brands connected directly with their fans without the algorithm impacting the posts made. This helps garner fast feedback about services and products but also serves as a useful engagement tool.

Due to the effectiveness of Facebook Groups, Instagram users are following suit, creating private Instagram accounts to avoid the limiting algorithm. Private alternative accounts are also being created to increase interest in a specific brand.

2. Video, Video, Video!

In real estate, it’s “location, location, location!” In social media marketing, it’s “video, video, video!”

While the video isn’t a new trend, it’s one that’s more effective today than ever before. As a result, it’s something all brands – regardless of size or industry – should be using.

Some best practices for creating a video for social media sharing include:

  • Create goals for the video
  • Create a video that’s 30 to 60 seconds
  • For Stories, use 15-second micro-segment of the longer videos created
  • Repurpose content when possible
  • Make it engaging within the first 10 seconds

By using the best practices here, videos are going to have the most impact possible.

3. Transparency is Key

Everyone wants to know how companies are using their data. Unfortunately, only 55 per cent of customers believes that brands are “somewhat” transparent on social media.

Now is the time to be as honest and open about how data is used. The more open a company is, the more willing the customer is going to be to keep coming back.

To get ahead regarding transparency, start with what customers want on social media. The top three desires include:

  • Service or product changes
  • Business practices
  • Company values

This may mean publicising app updates or product iterations, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the business, or demonstrating company values.

By implementing social media marketing trends here, businesses can create compelling posts that engage customers. Be sure to keep these trends in mind when updating a social media strategy.

To learn more about developing an effective social media strategy, or just updating an existing marketing strategy, contact us for a free website audit. We are here to help ensure every business achieves superior marketing results.

Leah Gibbs - Social + Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Associate CPM - AMAMI Australian Marketing Institute - Serving Clients Worldwide www.yourdigitalagency.com.au